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1st Harvest

B2B SaaS platform created by Estonian team provides broad functionality of AI-powered computer vision algorithms for skincare over simple and ready-to-use API. Haut.AI recognizes multiple conditions and diseases features with machine learning algorithms trained on a database of more than 1M images. Haut.AI allows clients in skincare and pharma to build digital products using off-the-shelf AI.

This innovator solves needs for both patients and dermatologists.​ Patients start an online request on derma2go.com, upload photos of their skin problem and provide a description. Dermatologists access the request and provide a dermatological diagnosis within a few hours. Derma2go aims to serve as triage tool to cut costs and waiting times for appointments in response to the shortage of dermatologists.

Intrepida(nalytics) has created a patient-facing app that is the match.com for clinical trials. The tool leverages NLP to allow patients to directly access information about trials in an easily searchable, personally tailored way and thus helps trial sponsors recruit faster, more diverse and more suitable patients. Ancora also provides patients with educational resources about trials and enriched information about potential matches. Ultimately the tool democratizes clinical trial access for patients while helping drug developers increase efficiency and maximize time on patent.

UVisio Digital personalized solution for prevention of skin reactions to the sun. It consists of a standalone wearable device and mobile application for UV monitoring and self-analysis of the skin before and after UV exposure to determine personal sun sensitivity to give personalized advice and provide the information to dermatologist.

2nd Harvest

Cognitive Artificial Intelligence tool that allows health professionals to perform diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of skin cancer. It provides recommendations and management through advanced analysis and deep learning within a multidimensional analysis adapted to precision medicine. It’s created by professionals from the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona.

Digital therapies that use behavioral science and data science to improve patients’ quality of life by providing educational, practical and personalized content in a timely and easy-to-understand manner. DTx for people living with long-term inflammatory conditions which allows patients to make better self-care decisions and find ways to live with their pathologies.

It offers healthcare professionals a platform for patient management that includes Artificial Intelligence diagnostics and treatment for 139 skin diseases. It uses technology to reduce the effort of healthcare professionals and automate many aspects of dermatological practice. Give patients and physicians the ability to telematically, automatically and agilely monitor changes in skin lesions that are often gradual and subtile, correlating different symptoms to identify triggers and evaluate the treatment’s performance.

Empathic conversational agent that collects patient results and integrates data points from various devices to obtain information about the patient’s health status. Its mission is to improve people’s quality of life and help pharmaceutical companies offer safer, more affordable, and more personalized treatments. It is an independent software, which is provided in a mobile application format for easy patient use.

First online platform and mobile application that applies consumer-level user experience (UX), behavioral science and real-time data to improve adherence, reduce dropouts and make clinical trials faster, more cost-effective and more accurate.

Cloud-based application solution based on a conversational interface. It guides the user through short, targeted and highly interactive conversations that provide step-by-step professional guidance and support for the specific psychosocial challenges of living with a life-long illness. Enjoyable and playful interactions that become part of people’s lives and build a journey towards mental well-being, despite suffering from a physical illness.